Part I: Bud

by Curtis Oliver

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Scatty Wavvy "We all are in transition . . . for the next life to the timeless place"
- Curtis Oliver from "Transition"

Curtis Oliver is a one man wave. I appreciate this record because it both urgent and peaceful, emotional and thoughtful, and beautiful yet rugged. Favorite track: Appalachian Sketch / Back Home.
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I only ask that you listen to it all the way through at least once, preferably the first time.
In memory of De'Angelo and Coach King
"Part II: Bloom" . . .


released February 5, 2015

All guitars/keys/drums/voices written and performed by Curtis Oliver
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by C. Vamarasi at the Danktuary
Cover by Isadora Zidore



all rights reserved


Curtis Oliver Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Transition (for De'Angelo)
How could I have known/ that last time would be just that/ "Be safe," you told me/ as smoke poured out the car/ and we're all in transition/ to the next thing or the next life/ to the timeless place/ Be safe, my friend . .
Track Name: Just Kids
When we first fell in love we were just kids/ we could not have known any better/ but we both have grown at least in age/ it's been too long/ but I spent too much time wondering where you are/

You found me again when I was searching for something/ and so we explored our nature/ I thought you were mine and what did we find/ another dead end/ baby not again, thought you were my friend/

And I'm needing some direction/ been on a highway of temptation/ don't have to prove my dedication/

When we first fell in love we were just kids/ maybe we should have known any better/ and we've both grown apart, that's how it is/ but sometimes I wish that we could just go to when we were alone.
Track Name: Forever
I'm looking for what is real/ the things you just have to feel/ I just wanna know the truth/ is that too much to ask of you/

I just wanna own it- the things I can't control/
I just wanna see it- let my eyes behold/
I wanna believe in all the things I cannot know/
Searching for forever, I been looking to and fro'/
I was searching out there then had to go inside/
scary place within the mind from which I cannot hide/
Please can you help me find that place/
Where I can be truly free from time and space/

The flesh or the spirit which came first/ 'cuz I think I've been old since birth/ this life I'm just passing through/ but first, these things I wanna do/